I love the personality that Eugene, Oregon has

I am not a political person by nature.

  • I used to get so upset by the news, and what all these different politicians were doing, but then I had an epiphany.

I was outside of town, enjoying a long hike through the woods, and I dropped my phone. It went into a creek, and was gone for good. After three days without a phone, and being disconnected from the news and social media, I realized I was happier. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and if you know anything about this place you know it is politically charged. At least every few years Eugene will have a major protest or a political event that has everyone fired up. I realized that as much as I love Eugene, I love it for the natural beauty, the nice people, and the incredibly kind cannabis we grow here. We get so much political action around here because so many of us have strong beliefs. At the same time, we also live in Eugene because it lets us step away from the busy world and live in peace and quiet. This makes for a unique blend of individualists, who want a better world and still want to be left alone by the world. If anything else sums up Eugene, Oregon, better than that, I’d like to hear it. The only thing kinder than the people here is the cannabis, because the dispensaries are numerous, and much of the bud is cultivated and grown right here in the great state of Oregon. I love it here.

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