Each person can select an ornament from the tree

My friends came to visit me in Denver, so I naturally took them to a recreational cannabis shop.

Most of my friends live in Florida, where I am from.

Medical marijuana is legal, but it’s really difficult to obtain a prescription from the doctor. The licensed Physicians make you jump through hoops and you have to spend a fortune to become certified. My friends we’re jealous when I got a job offer in Denver, because I moved to a state with legal recreational Cannabis. The first time they came to visit me, we went to a recreational cannabis shop a few miles away from my apartment in Denver. The cannabis shop was having a special deal for the holidays. Every person making a purchase got to pick an ornament from a large tree in the center of the dispensary. Each one of the ornaments had a prize inside of the box. Some of the prizes were discounts and some of the prices were actual marijuana products from the store. My friends thought it was a very cool advertising idea. The week before my friends visited, I went to the dispensary and I picked an ornament from the tree. There was a 10% off coupon inside. This time when my friends and I visited, I picked a different ornament from the lower and back side of the tree. Inside was a coupon for 50% off my order. One of my friends found a 10% off coupon and his girlfriend found a coupon for a free gram of cannabis concentrate. The entire vacation was filled with fun and surprises.


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