The library really needs a new furnace

One of the best places in Orland Park is the library.

The library often has performers outside playing the guitar, cello, or piano.

The place has plenty of areas to sit with my children and read. When the temperatures were very cold last week, Orland Park and the Chicago metropolitan area received almost 20 inches of snow. The kids were out of school for 2 days. During that time, the library was open. I took the kids to the library so they could pick out some books and read. The kids wanted to stay at the library for a while. I didn’t mind sitting there for a little bit, but I didn’t want to spend the whole afternoon at the library. The place really needs a brand new furnace. The temperature outside was in the twenties that day and it felt like it was only 50 degrees inside of the library. My kids and I moved to several different areas around the library, hoping to find a space that was warm and comfortable. We were unable to find any place on the first or second floor that was warm and cozy. When we were sitting under one of the heating vents, I couldn’t feel any warm air coming out of the ductwork. I could hear the furnace running, but the air did not feel very warm. My husband is On The Board of Trustees for the library and his family donated a large chunk of money for the new children’s wing. It might be time to do something about the heating problem as well.

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