I was happy that I was invited

I’m going to prefer the sunlight as well as I might even go to the lake next month when I do not have to go to work; I haven’t had 3 days off in a row in forever as well as I’m planning to make up for lost time. Next month I am getting a month off work as well as the company is going to spend money for myself and others to stay at home. I thought I was already blessed getting to work for a marijuana shop in downtown Denver. Now I’m getting some bonus perks, and the recreational as well as medical marijuana shop has been open for several years. I’ve been employed here since last July. Business has been definitely great since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, and our company has tripled in the past year as well as the owner decided to make a lot of changes to the building. Next month a contractor is going to completely renovate the shop… During that time, I will be on a paid vacation from the owner of the marijuana business. The guy is paying for almost everyone as well as the Denver location to take a week-long break. I have a friend that works in a shop that is in Boulder. It is owned by the same person. They are not having any renovations as well as they will not be getting a free month of pay… My friend is pretty infuriated as well as infuriated that I am a lot luckier than he is. I imagine the boulder store will eventually get a makeover as well. That locale has been open almost as long as the Denver location.

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