I showed up at the worst time

When my work transferred me to CA, I was right away worried about the recreational and medical marijuana laws.

I knew it was going to be particularly easy for my youngsters to acquire marijuana.

I didn’t want either one of the kids to use the plants until they were old enough to make the decision on their own. I genuinely did not believe a couple of fifteen-year-old boys were able to make that decision yet, and my partner and I moved to a neighborhood outside of San Francisco. My commute everyday to the neighborhood is about 45 minutes, however it costs too much currency to live in San Francisco. We have a four-living room apartment that was less than a million dollars. The same apartment in San Francisco would have been 5 million dollars. My partner and I went out of neighborhood last weekend so we could attend a birthday. I decided to let the boys stay home alone instead of taking them with us. My partner and I came home early on Monday. We never planned to stay the night, however we wanted to see if we could trust the boys. When we walked in the front door, we didn’t see the boys anywhere. We went out back and that’s where we saw the boys sitting by the pool. The boys were smoking a marijuana joint. The entire backyard odors care about marijuana. The boys tried to come up with an excuse, however my partner and I smoked pot in university. We suppose what marijuana odors like, and both boys are grounded for the next week.

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