Able to enjoy the area

Location is key in more than real estate, it’s key in life! I want to give you a superb example, otherwise known as the story of my life. From a legitimately young age I loved music, and not just listening to it but playing it. I got a toy guitar at age 8, and wore it out so fast my folks got myself and others a real guitar at age 10. All I wanted to do was play music, and that was all well and nice until I turned 17, and then my folks wanted myself and others to quit the “pointless” music and get a task. That’s small village life for you! At age 19 I moved to Seattle, Washington, as I had dreamed of doing for years, to try and find my venue in the local music scene. My seasoned location was stifling, and I didn’t want me to be myself, but I don’t have that problem in Seattle. Here the open mics mornings are almost as many as the cannabis dispensaries… and both of us have a lot of dispensaries! During the day I certainly work at a single of the dispensaries, and at night I try to land jobs in the downtown Seattle music scene, with varying results. They say it’s about the journey, not the destination, and I am enjoying my journey here in Seattle. I am legitimately busy, but recognize that my life is super chill and laid back, befitting of the village itself. More than the weed, or the music, I love Seattle because I feel like I can certainly be myself here.


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