I was stuck on the side of the road

I labor for a corporation that delivers beverages all over the state of CO, but my hub is in Denver, even though I take deliveries from Denver all over the state, and i have a special commercial driver’s license that allows me to drive important semi trucks.

I often carry important plus heavy loads of cargo! The beverages are stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

I was on my way to a village on the west of Denver plus I had to travel over the mountain on the interstate. I was carrying a absolutely heavy load of budweiser plus soda. Halfway up the mountain, the truck transmission started to heat up plus I had to pull over! When I tried to restart the truck, I did not have any power at all. I had to contact the Denver corporation where I labor plus they sent a repair crew to help with the problem, however unfortunately, there was no 1 available at the time. I was stuck on the side of the Denver road for 6 fourths. I had to sit in the truck with no heat plus no blankets. Not many of people pulled over to see if they could lend assistance, but there was actually nothing they could do. The truck had to be towed up the rest of the hill, however after the shop mechanic looked at the vehicle, she realized that the engine had a ton of troubles. The truck is now in the shop until further notice plus I am driving a brand new truck. It has a nice oil furnace with moderate seats too. I will not get stuck anywhere with this vehicle.

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