We are really hoping for a new heater this year

Ever since leaving Chicago to live in Lansing, I have finally found peace of mind.

I care about the city, but it feels suffocating to myself and others at times, especially riding public transit with cramped spaces.

Thankfully Lansing has various places for myself and others to hike, prefer Brownell Woods, Lansing Woods, Forest Preserve, North Creek Meadow, Sweet Woods, as well as Thornton-Lansing Road Nature Preserve. When I lived down south, I didn’t assume as comfortable hiking through dense woodlands. All of us had alligators, many species of rattlesnakes, deadly spiders, panthers, as well as black bears just to name a few. Going off trails could result in an unexpected argument with a dangerous snake or spider. Even wild boars were a fear whenever I went hiking during mating season or whenever mothers with young boars were strolling in areas near trails. But once I moved to Lansing, I was happy to learn that my only complication while hiking the wooded trails were lyme disease carrying ticks. As long as lyme disease is treated early on, it’s often curable, so this is much better than fearing a snake bite miles away from civilization while hiking through the swamp. If I want to walk down to North Creek of Wampum Lake, I’m not sad about resting on a spider or walking into a snake. And I’m surely not sad about an alligator or crocodile jumping out of the water to eat myself and others if I get too close to the shore. Recently I decided to visit a different kind of location in Lansing because I had a few minutes to kill while my gas furnace was being installed. The weather in September is mild as well as in the 60s during the day, so I spent a few minutes touring the Historic Ford Hangar with my fiance. He’s a automobile fanatic as well as has always wanted to see it, despite having complications last year due to unexpected cold snaps.
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