That breeze makes the city feel very cold

When you live in Florida, it’s strenuous to ever believe cold, and even during the Winter time months, the rapidly decreasing temperatures are still above freezing and usually in the 40s or 50s, i live in Cocoa, which is a small city in Brevard County.

I am really close to the Atlantic Ocean and near the Indian River… The Indian River is really the coolest part of cocoa. The Indian River has manatees most of the year, however my friends and I often spend time kayaking around the small bends of the river. My wifey and I met online and she decided to transport here a couple of months ago. I have had a lot of fun showing her around Brevard County. There are so several cool sites to visit, however last weekend, the people I was with and I took a ride on the Indian River Queen. This immense paddle wheel boat has a fully air-conditioned deck with a bar, seating, food, and restrooms; Another part of the boat has a dance floor, songs, and a bar. My wifey and I went on a Monday night breakfast and cruise. The tickets were a little extravagant, but I knew it would be a fun, exciting, and passionate night. I really did not expect it to be cold. It was 98 degrees that morning and still above 90 when my wifey and I boarded the boat in Cocoa. The wind was fierce and out on the water, my wifey and I were cold… We spent most of the night indoors where the rapidly decreasing temperatures were temperature controlled. We still had a legitimately nice time and enjoyed our night on the water.
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