Florida and the air conditioning you need

Tampa is a single of the biggest cities in FL and a popular endpoint with tourists, then many people that live in the state of FL choose to visit Tampa because of the attractions; The FL aquarium is a nice venue to visit in Tampa Bay and tickets are less than $30 for an adult; One of our favorite sites to visit is Busch Gardens, then busch Gardens in Tampa is a family friendly Adventure Park.

Busch Gardens is actually a single of the biggest zoos in North America.

The house has more than 10,000 unusual species of pets! Admission to the park includes all of the attractions and rides, i received free tickets to visit Busch Gardens from our task. They were only good until the end of the month, so our girlfriend and I decided to go last Friday. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun to visit the local attraction, but the weather made the afternoon hard to enjoy. It was almost 95 degrees on that Summer afternoon and the humidity was just as high. The park had a couple of misting fans running throughout the park, but they were no match for the heat and the humidity. The only areas with AC were gift shops and eating establishments. My girlfriend and I only spent a couple of minutes in the park and then all of us decided to leave early and go home. Thankfully the tickets were free, because all of us would have wanted a lot of cash otherwise. It was simply too sizzling and humid to enjoy the afternoon outside.

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