We didn’t need a dehumidifier to get the job done

After only a few days, the entire container was filled with water

My wife and I were cleaning the garage on Saturday, because we wanted to make room for one of the cars. Tampa crime rates are up and three cars were vandalized in our neighborhood last week. The Tampa Bay police department asked a lot of questions and the county police were here too. I hate living in Tampa, but my wife works at the Aquarium. We previously had a lot of junk stored in the garage. There were boxes all over the place. We had Christmas, Halloween, and Easter decorations. We had old boxes of stuff from when the children were little. When we started moving boxes around, my wife noticed some mold and condensation near the windows of the garage. She immediately freaked out and thought we needed to buy a dehumidifier. I try to make my wife feel more calm by offering some advice and assistance. I honestly didn’t think a dehumidifier was necessary, but I thought the mold and humidity was likely an issue. We sprayed down the walls with a bleach solution and I wiped them down with antibacterial wipes. After that, I purchased a huge one gallon tub of damprid. This is a really cool product that helps soak up moisture. After only a few days, the entire container was filled with water. I might need to buy one or two more before all of the moisturize is gone, but this solution is a lot cheaper than paying a Tampa heating and air conditioning company to help with the problem. The weekend rates are through the roof.

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