Three heaters but no AC

I have never owned an air conditioner before.

I have of course experienced it.

I have been in cars with AC, movie theaters and restaurants. I really don’t like the feeling of cold air blowing all over me. It seems gross and uncomfortable. Air conditioning kind of has a weird smell to it too. My house is outfitted with three heating systems but no AC. I have a gas fireplace in the living room, a ventless heater in the kitchen and the upstairs bedrooms have their own electric heating device. Why do I need so much heating power? In Glenview Illinois it gets cold. It can get as cold as 15 degrees in January. Around Easter time the cold still lingers in the 40-50 range. I don’t mind running the heaters most of the year. There is something so comforting about having quality heat and burrowing under a blanket. Once May comes around, the weather really changes for the better. I feel my area has the best kind of weather. It is a light jacket and warm shorts. I don’t even sweat to death and feel like it is difficult to breathe. In the summer months the temperatures might dip into the 80s. I have an old box fan that I bring down from the attic when that happens. Most of the time I just enjoy the fact that I don’t have any HVAC going. I can open my windows and have clean air blowing into the home. I really don’t know how people in Texas and California can handle the heat.

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