This city never goes to sleep

Wednesday is the day when I get paid at work, but I always wait until Friday to go to the cannabis shop.

Everything in the cannabis shop is on sale on Fridays and I save 20%.

There aren’t a lot of dispensaries that still offer 20% savings, especially here in San Francisco. It is easily one of the most expensive places to live. My friends and I can only afford to live in San Francisco because we share an apartment and sleep on bunk beds. Of course, we get to enjoy the perks of living in the city. San Francisco is an amazing place to live and there are a number of fun activities. The wharf, alcatraz island, and whale watching are just a few. The beach is close to the apartment, but still an hour drive because of traffic and the bridge. When my friends and I go to the beach, it is an all day affair and we never feel like going anywhere at the end of the day except back home. Thankfully, we can have everything delivered right to our front door. There are about a dozen different restaurants that offer free delivery in less than an hour and we can even order marijuana and have it delivered in an hour. I know it’s hard for some people to understand why I would give up so much of my privacy to live in the city, but it’s worth it when you get to enjoy all of the rich culture of San Francisco. One day I will settle down and live a boring life, but that day is not today.

Weed Delivery San Fransisco CA