Shoreline Park day

If you’re looking for something to do in Santa Barbara I recommend Shoreline Park.

You will get everything you want there.

With magnificent views of the city, coastline and Santa Ynez Mountains, there are plenty of photo opportunities. Once you are in the park there is no shortage of fun. Play in the waves with your dog or kids. There are playgrounds available that actually are clean, safe and great for the kids. There are even picnic tables and BBQs at the park. It is easy, cheap and a fun day out for the whole family. My family goes a few times a year. Sometimes it is more of a beach day for us. The kids play in the water, make sandcastles and then we all go home a little burnt. Sometimes it is more of a relaxing grill day. My husband will bring meat and I will bring fresh seafood from the market. The kids will fly kites, kick a soccer ball or play tag nearby. Then we all have a freshly made dinner at one of the picnic tables. It makes for a good family day. It isn’t expensive and everyone has fun. Another perk of the park is along the way there is a cannabis shop my husband and I like to go to. I usually drop him off, run some errands with the kids and then pick my husband back up. We don’t tell the kids we are getting recreational weed to smoke later. It is not like we are hiding it, but I don’t want to advertise doing something fun they aren’t allowed to try.

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