Riding my bike through the city

There is plenty to do if you live in Eugene.

I am a very active person.

I constantly am jumping onto my bike and taking a ride. The city streets are clean, freshly paved and wide. I also have the advantage of living near the Willamette River bike trail. It is a long, paved straightaway through gardens, trees and shrubs. It has the best sights and makes for an easy ride. A lot of people choose to work out in a gym. They run or bike while staring at the same sight for an hour. For me, it is a way more enjoyable work out seeing the scenery change. I love feeling the wind on my face and the sunshine on my shoulders. It makes me workout harder and longer. What is really nice is that I can take that trial and then make stops along the way. I can get a workout in and then do some errands. I recently bought a bike basket that can carry all my purchases. No, I can’t make a full grocery store run, but I can get some nice things. Sometimes I stop at the local market for fresh seafood or produce. Occasionally I make the trip to my local recreational weed shop. It is fun riding my bike over, picking up some new edibles and then taking them home. I save on the gas and the time. I am biking right by the legal weed shop anyway. It just makes sense to take a pit stop.


Weed Store Eugene Oregon