It was sixty during the day, but way colder at night

The climate in Denver is somewhat unusual.

Much of that is due to the altitude. Denver enjoys warm summers and cold winters with very little humidity. There isn’t much precipitation in Denver, although many people believe the area has snow 12 months out of the year. This is not true at all. Denver has relatively comfortable weather throughout the entire year. Denver is the perfect place for hiking, camping, and overnight backpacking. My friends and I enjoy being outdoors. We decided to go camping a couple of months ago and it was still the middle of spring. I was worried about the overnight temperatures, but the weather was forecasted to be clear with very little clouds. My friends and I found a place to camp as soon as the sun started to set. When the sun went down, it started to get much colder. We started a fire, but we didn’t let it burn through the night. That is the kind of mistake that new campers make and then there is a forest fire destroying millions of acres of land in days. Of course, with now fire or heat, we were all shivering. By midnight, I was ready to go home. It was 60 during the day, but the overnight low was close to freezing. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the campgrounds and we were stuck in the middle of the cold weather with nowhere to go. The only thing that saved me from hypothermia was the extra sweatshirt I pack for emergencies. I always spill something down the front of my shirt.
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