Denver is home to the best football team in the world

Back in the 80s, John Elway used to play football for the Denver Broncos. My dad was a huge fan of the team. We didn’t have money for a lot of things growing up, but my dad always had season tickets to the Broncos games. One year for my birthday, my dad took me to see a game. It was a two-hour drive to Denver, but I was excited the whole way. It was one of the only times I can remember having quality time with my dad. He was excited to tell me about the game and show off his football heroes. We spent all day in Denver, even after the game was over. The Denver Broncos won the game and it was a huge blow out. My dad took me to a steakhouse and I had a beer for the first time in my life. Even 30 years later, I can’t stop thinking about the time my dad took me to a Denver game. It is still one of the best memories from my childhood. I often think about taking my own children to a game, but it’s extremely cold during football season and I would rather sit at home where it is warm. I love watching the game, but nothing beats the comfort of my own home and central heating system. If I’m cold, I can adjust the heat. I also get food made from the best wife in the world and beers that don’t cost $5 each. Someday maybe the kids will want to see a game, but right now I’m happy to stay home and watch in the living room.


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