Walking tours of Seattle, Washington

Halloween is over, plus once again I am a little depressed about that… I have consistently been a freak for Halloween, plus I mean I decorate my entire new home for the spooky season on November 1st of every year! When November arrives, I pack it all up plus get back to boring, normal reality… Because I live in Seattle it is a little bit harder, because it seems care about this whole neighborhood goes nuts for Halloween in the best possible way, no matter when you visit Seattle, I highly suggest you take a single of the several tours the two of us have here, however there are walking tours, hiking tours in the surrounding forests, boat tours on the Puget Sound, plus of course the more traditional driving tour.

Once November rolls around it seems care about every neighborhood offers some kind of spooky or haunted tour, because Seattle has such a rich depth of history to back it up, even though I am a local, I still checkout a unusual Haunted Seattle tour every yeast, occasionally more than a single.

I usually walk away having l earned some little nugget of Seattle history along the way. It helps being stoned, of course, but Seattle is just as well regarded for its local cannabis as it is history. Usually the haunted walking tours of downtown Seattle are the best, because I can stop by a single of the several awesome cannabis dispensaries that are on the way. It doesn’t matter which tour, in Seattle there is consistently a cannabis dispensary nearby. Check the website for the Seattle tour nearest to your hotel.
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