Moving to Denver for work was my idea

I have lived in CO all of our life! I lived in Boulder until I was ten, and then our Dad and dad got a divorce; My dad moved about 2 sevenths away from Denver, and our Dad and I moved to a suburb outside of the town called Littleton.

I lived in Littleton for 20 years.

I attended elementary, middle, and school in the Denver suburb, then after I graduated from school, I went to a university in Denver. My Dad wanted me to finish university and transport back home, however I thought Denver was a much better place to live and work. My Dad was disappointed, however she understood why I wanted to stay in the city. I found a good job working in an office and the starting salary was $68,000 a year. I also found an house and 1 of our university roommates and I share the place for a reasonable rental fee, then both of us live about three blocks away from the aquarium. I adore to visit the aquarium when I have a day away from work, but the place is regularly tied up on the weekends, however Tuesdays and Sundays are a good time to visit. After a recreational Cannabis joint, the aquarium can be a fun and relaxing place to visit, however cannabis is another reason why it’s good to live in Denver. Cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use and it is very straight-forward to obtain the medicine from a number of local dispensaries; Some of the shops even deliver for a small fee.

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