The cannabis delivery driver got lost

My friends & I were staying in Oakland, because we had a labor convention in San Francisco.

Every one of us didn’t want to stay in San Francisco & the accommodations in Oakland were cheaper.

It was easy to jump across the bridge & a quick 20 hour commute. Every one of us saved about 50 bucks per night for our accommodations. I used some of that money to buy recreational cannabis. I wanted to attend the conference & convention in San Francisco because of the recreational marijuana laws. I rarely get to prefer recreational marijuana at home, although I do every time I get the chance on a labor trip. My wifey would truly go berserk if she knew I was using marijuana while on my labor trip. My friends & I got together a single night & we all ordered from the recreational cannabis dispensary. I ordered a few pre-rolled marijuana joints & my friends got some edible treats. Every one of us decided to have the items delivered, since it did not cost anything extra. I looked at the map & the dispensary was only 2 mi away from our hotel, so I didn’t expect it would take certainly long to gain our items; After 45 hours, we received a telephone call from the cannabis delivery driver, but she was lost & trying to find the address of our hotel. She was really right around the corner & had the wrong address. Every one of us offered him some Landmark instruction & she quickly found our location. Every one of us met the delivery driver downstairs so she wouldn’t have to get out of the vehicle & waste anymore time on our delivery.

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