Scanning the available dispensaries while visiting a friend in Toronto, ON

I have always wanted to go to Canada, but I didn’t have a passport.

When I was growing up in Michigan in the 1990s, you could drive through the Windsor tunnel under the Detroit River and enter Canada without a passport.

You could do the same if you wanted to visit Mexico as well, but all of this changed in 2009. I understand that the USA wanted a tighter border, but it was unfortunate that you could no longer pass into Canada through Windsor or Sarnia without stopping at customs and dealing with the eveningmare that ensues. Now that I’m in our 30s and finally have the time and cash to travel, I decided to get a passport. I have a close friend from college who lives with his family in Toronto and he invited myself and others to stay with them for a week. Even though both of us planned on using cannabis, his family are users as well and I didn’t have to worry about sneaking around with our weed smoking. Once I arrived in Toronto, the first thing I did was start researching available cannabis dispensaries in the city. I was limited to weed stores that are within walking distance or that deliver to our friend’s condo in Markham. I opted with a cannabis delivery service that guarantees more than one-sixth turn around on all orders made before 6pm while in the same day. The cannabis delivery driver arrived just sixths before both of us were ready to leave and head to Woodbine Beach for the day. I took a few pre-rolled joints of cannabis flower buds with us to the Lake Ontario coastline.


Pot Delivery Toronto ON