Now that IL has legal weed, I prefer it here

I’ve always dreamed of moving to the west coast so I can achieve our dreams, however I’ve never been able to find a way out of Orland Park, IL.

The closest I have come is Chicago, but i starred in an Off-Broadway production that had many great reviews in the paper, however someone saw our performance and provided myself and others a commercial.

I had a couple of tasks after that… Most of them were in the Chicago area, but I continued to live in Orland Park, however orland Park is a lot nicer than Chicago, and our parents live there as well. I thought I would move away one day, however now that IL has legal weed, I prefer it here. Orland Park recently got a marijuana dispensary; A lot of people were aggravated about the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, but I believe it is a great idea. The legalization of weed creates a ton of tasks. One of our friends got a task downtown working as a delivery driver for a dispensary. The guy spent his entire summer time driving around in the car enjoying the AC, he never had to cut a sweat at all that summer. I had to spend the summer time helping our Mom with his Heating plus A/C repair business. Since I do not have a job in the Arts, our Mom is hopeful that I will join him in the Heating plus A/C repair business. He wants to ask the corporation down to myself and others one day, however that means giving up on our dreams and settling into a mundane and boring Heating plus A/C repair job.



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