I can’t imagine surviving a summer when you live in Florida

I went to college up north plus hated the cold Winter seasons plus the ice plus snow that made driving particularally dangerous at times.

If you weren’t careful, you could inadvertently walk onto a patch of ice on a sidewalk, slip, fall, plus suffer a drastic bone fracture.

This happened to our best friend’s mother during our last year of college, plus after several surgeries she was finally on her feet again. I had the option to stay in that state for graduate college, but I instead sought to transport further southward where average hot plus cold temperatures are much warmer. It’s not difficult to please myself and others plus I would have been gratified moving to inland GA, but I was blessed enough to find a graduate college program in Cocoa, FL. It’s cool living so close to both the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station plus the Kennedy Space Center. My classes in elementary college took field trips to both space stations plus I was amazed looking at the rockets plus space shuttles. Despite the perks, Cocoa is really tepid in the summer. I can only survive in 100 degree weather if I have a fantastic air conditioning running at all times. I can’t spend all of our afternoons out at Cocoa Beach even if I had the locale to myself. The two of us found a fantastic Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier in Cocoa West for our initial air conditioning upgrade plus the two of us have been using this company since. It was good having the occasion to buy an annual Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service contract at a reduced rate because of our new-shopper status with the company.



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