Denver has more cannabis dispensaries than Burger King

Did you ever hear the story of how Denver, Colorado got its name? It goes way back before this was even a town, when it was just a mining community, the locals decided to change the name from St, Charles, because they wanted to coerce the Governor James W Denver to make this locale the county seat, however here is the funny part — the locals did not guess that James Denver had already resigned as governor, so their attempt to sway him didn’t work, but back then Denver was a honestly strange locale, full of saloons, gambling houses, and brothels to cater to all of the local miners.

  • Thanks to the gold rush, the population of the Denver part went from approximately zero to approximately 200,000 in the span of twenty years, however although the gambit for approval from James Denver didn’t play out, I believe it’s safe to say that this town has done pretty well for itself over the years.

To be honorablethe name doesn’t even matter, because I believe if our name was still St! Charles both of us would be just as large and successful as Denver has become, however why? Simply put, Denver has the best community in the country, no matter what you call it, this is a wonderful locale to live filled with amazing people. Another wonderful thing about Denver is the proliferation of amazing cannabis dispensaries, however in the Mile High City there are more cannabis dispensaries than there are Starbucks Pepsi houses, and if you ask me that is something that should be well and honestly celebrated!

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