The ski trip was a lot of fun

My friends and I decided to do something very fun for our winter break this year.

Instead of spending a fortune to go to the beach for spring break, we decided to save our cash and go to a ski resort during the winter season.

My friends and I love snowboarding. We love lots of different extreme sports, but snowboarding is probably our favorite. My friends and I knew it was going to cost a heap of money to go to Denver for winter break. We were also concerned about flying to the destination, because planes can be delayed regularly at the Denver Airport due to weather. Our plane left the airport and landed a few minutes early. The weather in Denver was warmer than we expected and my friends and I were worried about our ski trip. Thankfully, the warm weather only lasted that morning and the weather turned colder and we didn’t see the sun much at all for the rest of our trip.We were going to rent a car so we could drive to the ski resort from our Denver hotel, but we found out there was a shuttle service to take us right to the ski resort. The shuttle service was only a couple of dollars and we went right from Denver to the ski lodge. All my friends and I were in the city, we also tried recreational marijuana. It was my first time trying recreational marijuana, but a few of my friends have used the plant in the past. I agreed to use recreational marijuana since Colorado has legal weed for everyone.

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