Many cities have different laws within the same state

New Mexico is one Southwestern State with loose laws regarding cannabis.

That does not actually mean New Mexico itself has very loose laws.

Many of the laws are left a wreck lee to cities. All of us could not find much information on the City of Albuquerque and how they would change marijuana laws. Personally I was not a person that had much personal stake in the issue. I did speak with another associate that lives in a state close. The guy told all of us that crime has drastically gone down since passing a legalized marijuana initiative. He said they believed all of this would actually be a way to prevent illegal marijuana sales. Preventing the sale means that people know for sure that they can buy and purchase marijuana products that do not have harmful additives. Instead the black marijuana Market has come to the state and I don’t want this to absolutely happen with the medical marijuana in Albuquerque. Every one of us aren’t on the city council in Albuquerque, but every one of us know a few people that can help. Since both of us were curious about the town council meeting, we decided to go. I didn’t say much at all during the town council meeting until there was a couple of people talking about medical and recreational marijuana laws in the city. They don’t believe myself as well as others but particularly believe that marijuana sales are going to be good revenue for the City of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico.


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