I wanted to visit Tarzana, although I couldn’t remember where it is.

My friends plus I had been doing some pretty heavy partying the night before.

The people I was with and I were celebrating the end of testing plus what would soon be our summer time getaway.

I had already told my best acquaintance that we were going to Tarzana, CA for the summer. She looked at me plus asked why? I remembered talking to my sisters the night before, although I couldn’t remember why I wanted to visit them or Tarzana, CA. I told her I would tell her when we finished class plus I headed to the lavatory. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was going to visit my sisters, or Tarzana, CA, plus why I was taking my lady. A area of me wanted to deliver my twin sister a call plus ask him what was going on, although I knew she would laugh at me. She had moved to Tarzana almost a year ago, plus she told my parents how wonderful it was. She was working at the local marijuana dispensary plus getting along well. With the help of the legalized medical marijuana, her ADHD was finally under control. That’s when it hit me. I remembered them telling me that they also had legalized recreational marijuana, plus I could use it without getting in trouble while I was visiting. Since I didn’t adore travelling alone, I told them I was bringing my lady, plus her fiance agreed that we should both come. I suppose I just needed to clear my head a bit more so I could assume straight. Now, I just need to come with the currency so we can fly to Tarzana, CA.

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