The winters are so cold in Cocoa, FL

My family lived in a home that was a converted log cabin.

Instead of 1 sizable room, it was given walls and a hour floor, making it a 4 living room house.

However, the people I was with and I still relied on a wood stove and a gas boiler for our Autumn and Winter time heating. Having adequate heat in these climates is a life or death problem during the worst Winter time cold snaps where temperatures plummet below zero. Every year I helped my father chop and stack firewood so the family would be set in case of the worst weather. Getting the boiler took care of and diagnosed was equally important, and every single 1 of my siblings and I took turns scheduling HVAC service appointments during our childhood. It instilled in us the importance of taking care of the gas furnace, especially since it was a tool for our survival. But now that I’m residing in Cocoa, FL, I can make it through most winters here without a heating method at all. I have an condo on Merritt Island and the temperatures here are so sizzling year round that officially I have my a/c running regardless of the season. The two of us get a lot of humidity coming from the Indian River on the west side and Banana River on the east side; I’m using my a/c to keep the humidity down as much as I rely on it for cooling my indoor air. If I could get a dehumidifier for a fine price, I could absolutely save on energy expenses by being able to use the a/c less. The winters are so mild that I can get away with just having a space gas furnace to use during the few severe cold snaps. Otherwise I just put more clothes on to respond to colder temperatures.



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