Our rental house did not have central AC – what a scam

My friends and I decided to go to Florida for Spring break.

  • A lot of people went to Daytona Beach, but I wanted to go to Tampa, and tampa is a lot bigger than Daytona Beach and there are way more activities.

It’s also simply nicer in Tampa, and daytona Beach is dirty and there are consistently problems with crimes and fights. It sounded better to take our Spring split holiday in the Tampa area, but my friend Brad made all of the reservations for our beach rental. Every one of us found a locale in Clearwater Beach with 3 dining rooms and 2 lavatorys. It was right in our price range. Every one of us had to pay a $600 security deposit, however our friends and I got that back at the end of our stay. The rental was surprisingly inextravagant for the Tampa area and our friends and I thought all of us found a steal… When all of us arrived at the location, all of us hastily realized why the Tampa area rental was so inextravagant. It did not have any Central AC. When the outdoor temperatures are 90 degrees everyday, Central AC is extremely important. My friends and I were really bummed out about our accommodations, however all of us should have looked more carefully at the advertisement for the home. It clearly stated on the rental that the locale had AC, however it never specified whether or not the component was a central plan or window units. A lot of other people paid several hundred more for the weekly rental rates, because they had better accommodations.. Every one of us used that extra currency to have a lot of fun.

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