The two of us went kayaking in the bay while I was in summer

On Thursday, our friends and I decided to go to the Bay so the two of us could like an afternoon of kayaking, and one of the best reasons to live in San Francisco is the water interests; Between the beach and the bay, there is something for everyone, but my friends and I like severe interests like windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing! Kayaking might not sound like an severe interest, however the San Francisco bay can be entirely treacherous while I was in particular times of the year, and it’s a relaxing place to look for whales, even in a small kayak.

Of course, this adds to the danger… Why is Mary called last weekend and the perfect time to see whales, so our friends and I decided to head out on the bay.

I packed up all of our kayaks and I headed out to the water, but even though it was only 6 am, I stopped at a marijuana dispensary for some supplies. I did not want to spend all afternoon on the water separate from a few marijuana joints and I did not have time to roll anything at home. My best solution to the problem was stopping at the cannabis dispensary early in the morning. I called a associate to warn him that I was going to be late. When I told him that I was stopping at the cannabis dispensary, she wanted me to pick up marijuana as well; The San Francisco Bay un-even temperatures were entirely cold that morning, however our friends and I still lost our kayaks as soon as the first sun occurred. The two of us did not see any whales that afternoon, however the two of us did see a few seals and many otters.



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