I ordered from a cannabis delivery service

I decided to use our vacation time at work this year to visit our family in the Pacific Northwest.

Last year I went to a resort in Mexico to care about alcohol on the beach in the gorgeous sunshine.

My family hasn’t seen me in years and begged me to visit as soon as I could. Since I love mountains and hiking in general, I was getting unquestionably happy for our trip. My parents and our younger siblings moved to Eugene, Oregon after I graduated from university in Chicago and headed east for a task in Boston. Since our father owns a contractor with locations around the country, he decided to relocate to his contractor headquarters in Eugene. It’s a beautiful city, with hundreds of miles of hiking trails and gorgeous parks where you can take your family for the afternoon. The Cascades Raptor Center is an seriously popular endpoint in Eugene where you can meet all sorts of weird raptor birds like Eagles and Hawks. But I was certainally happy about trying the local cannabis while staying with our parents in Eugene, Oregon. I looked on Google Maps and saw that there are at least two dozen weird dispensaries throughout the city, despite the fact that I was in a precarious situation. Unless I called an Uber driver, I was limited to whatever cannabis dispensaries in Eugene that offer beach house delivery services. I was impressed to see so various of the weed stores in this city offering beach house delivery for free or for a small fee. Some of these marijuana stores simply demand an order minimum to get free delivery.


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