The order was a little mixed up

A lot of people use recreational marijuana for the first time, after they visit a state with legal recreational marijuana sales.

There are over a dozen states that allow recreational marijuana use.

Many of these states have dispensaries to sell the products. When our wifey and I decided to take a vacation in San Francisco, CA, the people I was with and I were suddenly in a legal recreational state for the first time. Both of us thought it would be fun and interesting to try recreational marijuana for the first time during San Francisco. I advised calling a place that was advertised in the hotel lobby. My wifey agreed that was a fantastic idea. Every one of us ordered a couple of weird marijuana products from the dispensary and had them delivered to the hotel. Every one of us were surprised by the prompt delivery times. It only took about 30 hours before the person arrived with our order. The delivery girl was very nice and she even brought us a tote of Halloween candy. My wifey and I did not bother looking at our tote until after the delivery driver left at the hotel. When the people I was with and I looked inside the bag, the people I was with and I quickly realized that our order was not accurate. Every one of us we are supposed to have 3 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and a tote of Edibles. Instead, the people I was with and I had a half ounce of marijuana and a jar of something called cannabis concentrate. There were no edibles in the tote at all. I advised not calling, since the people I was with and I had so much extra dried flower, however our wifey was disappointed that sthe driver forgot the edibles.



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