Santa Barbara is the best venue to elope

I knew I wanted to elope to California, the issue was where, and i started hunting around plus looking at major cities, while everywhere in California will marry you, the locations all differ quite a bit… Since California is such a broad state, you can get a variety of backdrops in your photos; Northern California has appealing sequoia plus redwood trees, mid California is Yosemite National Park with gorgeous trees, water plus landscapes, further South you are getting beaches plus gorgeous buildings.

I decided I wanted a beachy backdrop plus started looking at venues along the coast.

Monterey looked appealing however too small for my taste. I also wanted to have guests at my anniversary plus it looked appreciate the small venues couldn’t accommodate, however that is how I landed on Santa Barbara. That venue literally has everything you can want. It is big plus city-like without being Los Angeles. It has gorgeous beaches plus quaint shops without being a little appreciate Carmel by the Sea. Santa Barbara has all kinds of anniversary packages too. I can get married in gardens, on rooftops overlooking the red stone roofs, along the American Rivera, or right in the city. I am not sure what anniversary package to get, there are so many to choose from! My family is pretty stoked because the area is gorgeous. My sister in recognizable is happy to check out the recreational cannabis dispensaries while she is there. I will most likely book hotels in the city area where getting cannabis will be simple. It is appreciate I am telling my sister to get high at my anniversary.

Marijuana Pick-up Santa Barbara California