The wharf is a nice place to visit in San Fran

The wharf is honestly 1 of the most famous sites to see in San Francisco.

There are a ton of activities at the Wharf for children, adults and families.

One of my favorite things on the wharf is the sourdough breadboard and hot clam chowder. The Wharf has the finest clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Monterrey has a pretty amazing sourdough bread bowl as well, but San Francisco makes the best clam chowder without any doubt. My besties and I went to the wharf last weekend and all of us planned to relax on the pier and watch the sunset. The people I was with and I grabbed a couple of bowls of clam chowder and walked down to the pier to enjoy ourselves. Sadly, the odor of marijuana was all over the air… Someone was smoking marijuana joints at the end of the pier and the wind was blowing in our direction. My besties and I were able to smell the stench of marijuana and it ruined our experience. A lot of people in San Francisco used recreational marijuana though, it is 100% legal and readily available in a number of sites near The Wharf. I wasn’t shocked in the slightest that someone in San Francisco was using recreational marijuana, even though I was disappointed that the odor of weed was killing our experience for the evening. The people I was with and I didn’t eat most of the clam chowder. The people I was with and I took it back home and heated it up in the microwave at a later time. The bread bowl wasn’t especially fresh and soft, but the chowder still tasted amazing, even if it was heated in the microwave. The next time all of us go to the wharf for the evening, all of us will be certain to stay closer to the dining area.

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