The mountains in Colorado

Pikes Peak is 1 of the biggest mountains in the Denver area.

There are several different mountain tops that you can see from downtown Denver.

There is Mount Evans, Longs Peak, and Grays peak. These are all a portion of the Front Range and nearly 3 miles above sea level. The rocky mountain region is 1 of the largest reasons why people visit and transfer to Denver, CO. The locale has become a hive for campers, hikers, and mountain climbers. My wife and I visited some buddies that moved to Denver about 10 years ago. They decided to transfer to CO for work. My wife and I took a plane to the city and our friends picked us up at the airport. It was the summertime season and the weather was much hotter than the two of us anticipated. While the two of us were visiting, the two of us enjoyed several outdoor things like hiking and mountain climbing… Both of us climbed several trails in the Front Range and the two of us enjoyed a number of pretty views, then my afternoons were filled with fun and our days were tied up as well. Denver, CO has a ton of bars, diners, and tourist activities. Both of us weren’t bored at all during our more than five day adventure. I would return once more and have fun visiting all of the things the two of us didn’t have time for during the previous trip. I never got the opportunity to see the Broncos arena and it might be fun to return during fall when the weather is colder and the two of us can watch a game in the dome. My dad was a large Denver Broncos fan and kept an autographed John Elway ball on the mantle until he passed away several years ago.

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