Such a pretty place to live

Denver is 1 of the greatest locales to live in.

Denver is listed as 1 of the liveliest and most interesting cities in the world! It has breathtaking landscapes and flowers, great weather, and lots of activities.

I have been in CO since the 90’s when my mom and dad moved here with our family! Most people don’t realize that Denver has an entirely warm summertime season. During the summertime weeks, the average yearly temperature is around 94°, but even in the mile high city, the heat and moisture can cause troubles. Most people are worried about their Wintertime heating device, but my family and I are also anxious about our comfort during the summertime weeks. However a few afternoons back, the temperature was 100 degrees during the afternoon, but the youngsters were miserable and so was I. The weather was heated and the a/c was shutting on and off all afternoon. This sort of problem usually happens in the South, when the heat and humidity overwhelm the machine. It is not an issue that my family and I are accustomed to having in Denver! When the weather chilled down later that night, my hubby took the A/C apart to check on the a/c filter and the evaporator coils, but he did not find any troubles with the unit and the a/c filter was clean and free of dust and debris. The issue might have been the intense heat overwhelming the machine. I hope these issues aren’t a sign that the unit is starting to experience normal wear and tear, however just 3 years back, the two of us replaced it with a more efficient A/C and it shouldn’t be time to make any changes yet.


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