So much to learn about the Presidio

The Presidio is an area in San Francisco that was a military installation at one time! Now the grounds of the Presidio holds the Walt Disney Family Museum! The museum has exhibits from the family plus the contractor that Walt Disney put together.

There are exhibits from his earlier days plus artwork.

There are family artifacts, photos, videos, Awards, plus multiple early animation sketches. The Walt Disney Family Museum is a really amazing site to visit during the daytime hours. My lady totally enjoys Walt Disneyland. She loves going to the park plus we spend so much time each year at the site. The two of us even have season passes to the park! After we spend the morning at the Presidio in San Francisco, we often go to Golden Gate Park to have a great time for the day. One of our number one things to do in the park is stand by the water with a recreational marijuana joint. My lady plus I both smoke recreational marijuana all the time. It’s honestly a wonderful thing about living in San Francisco, California. California was the first site to legalize medical marijuana for everyone. My man plus I were living in Oregon plus we moved down here to enjoy the recreational weed laws. Since we moved, the two of us have had a wonderful time studying more about the town plus the culture. The two of us also enjoy going to see all of the bizarre sites where marijuana can be purchased on a legal basis. I believe in time, it is going to be too extravagant to continue living in the city, so we try to get out there plus enjoy the town when we can.

Recreational Weed San Fransisco California