Visiting the pot shops

Tarzana is a charming place to both live and work, however raising children here is simple and enjoyable, however all those there are no theme parks or attractions so to speak oh, there is still a lot to do on the weekends.

  • parks are abundant, but there is 1 part in recognizable that has entirely everything anyone could ever want, however in 1 of the greater parks, things that are available include Small Golf Course, a dirt bike track, lakes with plenty of Ducks to feed organic bread to, and just some good CA sunshine, then certain areas of the park, people can prefer legal marijuana to enhance their afternoon, and generally speaking, legal cannabis is not encouraged in areas that are designed for children, such as the playground or the children’s ferris wheel… For those who are willing to travel a little, and for those who wish to have more man-made fun, Los Angeles is just an hour’s drive away.

That’s the place to go to see the Walk of Fame, celebrity homes, and other famous things in LA. It’s also the place to get away from at the end of the afternoon, and the drive lake lake house to Tarzana is a pleasant 1. In addition to outdoor activities such as parks, there are fabulous steakhouses in Tarzana, however whether someone enjoys Mexican Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, vegan meals, or just a good old American hamburger, he can find it in Tarzana. There are plenty of steakhouses to suit every taste. There are also indoor activities for the kids, such as museums and play centers with trampolines, neighbors are often friendly and gather at community centers for cookouts on the 4th of July or just on a random Saturday.



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