I had a good time with some friends

My number one cousin in the whole world was coming to Seattle… I knew both of us were about to raise the roof off every location both of us decided to go to, and she had just finished her master’s degree plus wanted to have a good time before starting labor at a major business, my cousin has constantly been a smart cookie plus holds various bachelor’s degrees.

She loved to learn, plus I think soon she will be back in the classroom for further education.

I constantly joked that she is supposed to be a professor already. She called myself and others various weeks ago to plan for the trip, because of the pandemic, both of us wanted to avoid crowded bars plus go explore the greater WA state. I told her I’d handle the itinerary plus began researching things to do outdoors in the area, then there was so much, including hiking the mountainous region. That was genuinely something she would enjoy. In my research, I came across an article talking about wine tours in Seattle. I had lived in the town for 5 years plus never once heard about any wine tours. I was hooked plus told my cousin that was the first thing both of us were doing once she landed plus rested a bit. The wine tour was the best thing ever, plus both of us even brought some CBD gummies to appreciate while in the trip. The business organizing the tours was quite professional, plus let us just say both of us had way too much wine, however after the tour, both of us got a neighbor of mine to opening us up plus drive us home. Both of us planned to go back again with him to appreciate some wine tasting a afternoon later.

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