I was very nervous about college

I never knew I’d miss new home after going away for college… I felt stifled in Libertyville, so I chose a college that was several miles away… My aunt constantly laughed and said 1 afternoon I’d miss home, and back then, I dismissed his words, however later they came true.

After college, I settled at the coast, where I landed a good job.

I only went new home once in a while since I had a vibrant social scene back in the city, however, when the pandemic hit, things changed for all of us, there were no more open social venues to visit, and I had to spend so much time alone in our apartment. Mom and Mom would call to check in on me, and 1 afternoon I just broke down. I admitted that I missed home, and mom begged myself and others to travel as soon as I could. I took all precautions while in the trip to ensure I was safe, however all I wanted to see were our parents. I got to Libertyville in the height of summer, however there weren’t several people moving about. It felt so tepid while heading home, and I was cheerful our parents had an excellent cooling plan in their home. All of us were embarrassed, and I cried so much because I’d been so scared back in the town living on our own. I felt so isolated, and I knew it was a feeling several other people were feeling across the world. My parents reassured myself and others and helped ease our anxiety. I was also quite relieved when our older brother also decided to come new home with his son to stay for some time.

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