The videos better pan out

My friends in addition to I go to CA roughly every year to visit San Francisco.

The best time of the year is while I was in the early Springtime or early warm season.

There are a ton of tourists, however the weather is so perfect. The streets of San Francisco or entirely perfect to make skateboarding videos. My greatest friends in addition to I have been riding our skateboards since the people I was with and I were tall enough to walk. One of my friends is going to turn pro next year, so the people I was with and I only wanted to make an interesting video to show all of his skills. San Francisco is the perfect local place to make a skateboarding video. The streets are slim, long, in addition to filled with hills that keep you rolling. One place in unique near Lombardi street is my number one area to skateboard. The street has more than five lights. If you start at the top of the hill in addition to manage to time the traffic lights exactly right, you can skateboard down the entire hill without stopping. Of course, typical timing of the lights can be dangerous in addition to deadly if it’s not right. San Francisco has the best hills for skateboarding, however another good reason to visit the San Francisco area is the marijuana shops. San Francisco sure has a lot of marijuana shops in addition to most of them offer a first time patient special. You know San Francisco has more than 100 strange marijuana shops in the city. Some of them are super close to the area where the people I was with and I care about to shoot videos; Between the opportunity for legal recreational marijuana in addition to the curvy streets, the neighborhood is a single of my number one places.



Marijuana Dispensary San Fransisco