The Tampa bridge is really tall

My wife Maxine and I went to Tampa Bay last year for the first time ever.

Maxine and I started to travel in our RV a couple of years ago and this was our first chance to visit FL.

Maxine and I decided to go to Tampa, because Max has family members that live close by. Max and I were convinced that the summer season was the perfect time to visit FL, because both of us wanted to see the beach and go to the ocean. It would have been better if 1 of our good friends would have taken the time to explain how overly sizzling and humid it can get in the Tampa area. The average summer season temperature was over 93 degrees while both of us were in the week that both of us visited. Max and I stayed in an RV park while both of us were in Tampa. It was on 1 side of a really long and tall bridge. This bridge is 1 of the tallest bridges in the whole country. Driving the RV across the bridge was truly nerve-wracking and I wanted to throw up my dinner. Max and I made it to the RV park, both of us found out that they only have 30 amp service. Our big RV has several slides and an upstairs bedroom uses 50 amp service. The people I was with and I were not able to run both of the air conditioners and it was impossible to keep the cabin cool. Max and I received a really pressing lesson about visiting Tampa while both of us were in The summer dog days. If both of us ever return to that city, both of us absolutely will wait until the weather is far more mild and cool. I really do not know how people can live in that environment happily.


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