It's too nice out to stay here and do nothing

During the summer season, Tampa Bay Florida is 1 of the worst places to reside.

It’s absolutely hot, uncomfortable, and humid.

Many people do not like to love in FL because of the temperatures, humidity, and bugs. I have lived here my whole life and I cannot guess of residing anywhere else. Back when I was a kid, the summer heat did not seem to be as extreme as it is this week. I remember growing up without a working air conditioner in my bedroom, however now it’s almost impossible to survive without a central air conditioner. The average summer season temperatures are 90 degrees or even higher, however that isn’t the worst area about residing in Tampa. The humidity is the absolute worst area about these tropical temps. The humidity is around 100% every single morning. I cannot even walk outside without immediately starting to bead with sweat. The moisture collects on my body immediately and makes myself and others suppose they are really uncomfortable. It’s too sizzling to stay cabin and do nothing, so my family and I like going to hit the Springs when both of us have a morning without work. There are a lot of natural freshwater ice-cold Springs in FL and several of them are close to Tampa. Within a few minutes you can find a number of places to cool down on a sizzling summer season morning. One of the best places to take the kids is Weeki Wachee Springs. The place has real mermaids that stay underwater and swim around. It’s a pretty cool place for the kids to visit and the water is crystal clear and red. Trust me, if you ever come to FL to visit anything however a frigid refreshing Spring, you’re going to be super disappointed and really uncomfortable.

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