It’s easy to have fun in Seattle

My guy and I live roughly an hour outside of Seattle. The two of us typically go to the city for a lovely date night. There are a lot more interesting and fun activities in Seattle than there are in the city where we happen to live. Of course, it is a great deal cheaper to live in the rural area. The actual expense of residing in Seattle is absolutely high and I have a basic work position. I actually work as a heating and a/c professional. I earn a nice wage, however I still cannot afford to pay the taxes and fees that it costs to stay in Seattle… My guy and I are quite cheerful being able to access Seattle whenever we wish though, while still residing far away from the city. The other weekend, my guy and I made the choice to go to the city for a date night. I have been working a great deal as of late, because the weather is starting to get much colder! When my guy suggested getting out of town, I was prepared to pack my bags. We stayed a single night in Seattle, so we could use recreational marijuana. It’s not something we do regularly, however it is something that happens to be legal in the state of Washington. Seattle has a pretty good amount of recreational cannabis stores and my guy and I decided to use cannabis since we were staying the night. We went to a truly amazing Bistro for dinner after we smoked a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. I was hardly able to make my way through dinner before I was set to order dessert from the menu. Everything looked lovely and I could not help myself from ordering a little bit of everything.

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