I was fine with the move

When my partner commanded the idea of selling our condo in North Carolina to move to CA, I thought she was having a mental crisis, however i felt interested about why the suggestion came from left field in addition to I was surprised to say the least.

I even came up with plenty of reasons why I thought it was a poor idea.

I did not want to just up and move away from my mom in addition to dad who were right up the road from our condo… Our only child was just graduating from private school, however my partner is a smart cookie, and got intrigued by the method of moving to CA. Now she wanted to move to San Francisco in addition to she already had a job offer to do so. She baracquired for the company to pay for the move if she agreed to accept the brand new position in addition to move to San Francisco. I was overwhelmed by the information in addition to I felt as though things were moving actually hastily; The only thing that made me feel a lot more at ease was the legal recreational marijuana laws in San Francisco, CA. I even looked online in addition to there were at least a dozen strange cannabis shops within a few short miles of our modern neighborhood in Nob Hill, then as soon as the people I was with and I finally landed safely in CA, I eased my anxiety in addition to stress with a big fat marijuana joint ASAP. The dispensary even provided me a discount since it was my first time, and now I can say… living in San Francisco has its ups in addition to downs, although I appreciate it here.

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