I don’t ever want to go back

I moved to FL when I was eighteen.

  • One of my very best friends wanted to move in addition to he provided to supply me a ride for free if I tried and helped him to do the driving.

It took us 19 hours, however the people I was with and I made it to CA in a single piece. It was the longest drive either a single of us ever made. I lived in the distant south for twenty years in addition to then I met my modern partner. She was attending biology at college while finally working on her PHD. She came to the area for the biology program, but she was from San Francisco. She always planned to return home to lovely San Francisco after she was done with the doctorate program. I knew this from the start, so I obviously should not have been surprised when she finished in addition to started talking about going out to the west coast. The people I was with and I were a bit into our relationship, although I did not want her to leave. When she asked me to go suddenly to San Francisco with her, I had a strenuous decision to make. I knew she was the single for me, so I agreed to move in addition to the 2 of us starting looking for an apartment. It was hard to find a nice place in San Francisco, because we realized everything is so extravagant. Thankfully, my wifey had a job lined up with a nice salary. I found a job finally working in a museum. I appreciate CA. Now I go to the legal cannabis dispensary every other day just to check out the modern sales. I also appreciate the temperature. I do not miss the humidity for a single moment. I’m ecstatic to supply up rain in addition to moisture for dry heat.

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