Go to Seattle if you’re looking for a good time

My bestie & I live about close to an hour outside of Seattle.

The two of us often go to the city for a great time. There are a lot more interesting & fun activities in Seattle than there are in the town where we actually live. Of course, it is a lot cheaper to reside in the rural area. The overall cost of living in Seattle is extremely high & I have a fairly basic job. I work as a heating & air conditioner equipment professional. I have a fairly decent wage, but I still cannot afford to pay the taxes & fees that it costs to truly live in Seattle… My bestie & I are quite cheerful, having the ability to access Seattle whenever we care to, while still living far away from the city. Just recently, my bestie & I decided to go to the city for a wonderful time. I’ve been working quite a bit lately, because the weather is starting to get really cold. When my bestie said we should get out of town, I was ready to pack my bags. Both of us stayed a single evening in Seattle, so we could use recreational marijuana products. It’s not something we do regularly, however it is something that is legal in the state of Washington… Seattle has a pretty good amount of recreational cannabis shops & my bestie & I decided to use cannabis since we were going to be staying. Both of us went to a pleasant Bistro for lunch after we smoked a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. I barely was able to get through lunch before I was ready to order dessert. Everything looked scrumptious & I sincerely couldn’t help myself from ordering one part of everything.

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