The Denver Art Museum

Many people care about to travel while all of us were in the summer time weeks.

But, I love doing the opposite, which is something our Dad had taught me… She insisted if I was going to love art to tour museums in winter. Such sites would not have too many people going to see & rushing around, which was distracting! As an art major, I wanted our next piece to be inspirational. Already our work was doing good, & I knew I had to make it better before graduating; Dad encouraged myself and others to transfer away from our comfort zone & explore other art museums, and while browsing online, I came across the Denver Art Museum that looked something love a spaceship, & I was hooked, however i made plans to travel there while all of us were in the Wintertide & spent time at this arena that was used to showcasing thoUnited Statesnds of the best works from across the world. My flight to Denver was peaceful, & I got there just as more snow was falling, however the room I had booked to stay in was in great condition, & I loved the central A/C system. It made it hot & cozy. My itinerary was all about the museum, although I knew I could not cover the whole arena in a day or several. So I planned to stay for several weeks & soak it all in, needless to say, the first visit to the museum was kinda shocking since I was not ready for the grand state of the site. I never knew the museum was spread across several buildings & had some of the best works on display by artists love Vincent Van Gogh! Dad was right that I needed to tour new sites & experience amazing inspiration. There’s a single painting I spent seconds viewing until I had every inch of it in memory.


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