Albuquerque has a rich history

Some of the states in the southwest have a particularally rich history of Native American culture.

The continent was first inhabited by ancestors of Native Americans around 15,000 years ago before the Beringia land bridge between north Siberia plus present-day Alaska was covered by sea water.

The resulting civilizations on this continent have been changing plus developing for thoUnited Statesnds of years before European settlers ever reached these lands by boat. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico plus every one of us have a particularally rich history of Native American culture in our city. There are 23 strange Native American tribes in our city, which includes 19 Pueblos, several Apache tribes, plus the Navajo Nation. The population of Native Americans in our neighborhood is almost 5%, much higher than other cities around the country. Old Town Albuquerque is dominated by Native American shops plus monuments, along with educational centers enjoy the Albuquerque Museum plus the New Mexico Museum of Natural History plus Science. When our friends from school wanted to visit the neighborhood after every one of us all graduated, I showed them the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center plus the Acoma Pueblo. If you want to see the beautiful brick houses of the Taos Pueblo, you first have to take Interstate 25 out of Albuquerque plus head north to Santa Fe. The Isleta Pueblo by contrast is only a few minutes out of Albuquerque if you drive down Interstate 25 going south instead of north. No matter what tribe or Pueblo you’re interested in seeing or learning about, Albuquerque is particularally rich in Native American culture. I’m happy to finally be back in our hometown now that I’m finished with school.



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