Moving to California and loving it

After my husband and I got a divorce, I wanted to make a fresh start. I had a pile of debt and a couple of friends, however one of those friends lived in California and he offered myself and others a locale to stay for a few months. She was willing to let myself and others sleep on the couch for free while I looked for a job and got settled. I could not pass up the offer, even if it meant uprooting my entire life and moving across the country. One superb thing about moving to California is legal pot. I smoke pot everyday, however I wasn’t residing in a state with legal cannabis laws. I was consistently worried that I would get caught and end up in trouble. In fact, my ex husband tried to use it against myself and others in our divorce, but thankfully, the judge was a medical cannabis request and didn’t view my pot use as a disadvantage problem, but after the divorce, moving was the right option for me! My ex husband was a little mad that I took our cat and moved, however I actually didn’t care. I slept on the couch in my friend’s tiny condo for numerous weeks, however during that time I found a job in Santa Barbara. I help with hair and makeup in a theater. The Santa Barbara theater is smaller than most locales, however it is situated in a small and attractive neighborhood. I love the job and there are lots of affordable apartments in the area. I’m currently looking for something in Santa Barbara, however my neighbor is in no hurry for myself and others to leave.

Recreational Weed Near Me Santa Barbara California